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Putting Your Health First

About Us

Welcome to Nutrition First. We are a small and personal nutrition consultancy providing expert nutrition advice to you, based on sound scientific evidence and our years of experience in the field.


We are passionate about nutrition and the importance of eating to maximise health, and believe in educating our patients on the value of good food and a healthy lifestyle to promote healing and energy. We are a friendly and empathetic team assuring you a relaxed and enjoyable consultation.

About Us
How We Can Help
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How we can help

At Nutrition First we see patients with a whole range of conditions at all stages of life, as well as helping those who simply wish to maintain and optimise their health.

If your specific health concern is not included on the list below please contact us to see how we can help you.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call below!

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Conditions Managed

Women's Health



Heavy bleeding

Irregular periods



Painful periods




Digestive Health





Inflammatory bowel conditions

Irregular bowels

Poor digestion


Teenage Concerns

Acne and skin conditions

Hormone health

Mental health

Weight issues

Children & Babies

Digestive issues

Fussy eaters

General health



Fertility issues (couples or singles)

Preconception care

Pregnancy care

Postnatal care

Men's Health

Digestive issues

Fertility issues

General health

General Health


Autoimmune conditions

Blood sugar imbalances

Cardiovascular health

Chronic disease support

Food allergies/intolerances

Immune support

Skin conditions

Sleep issues


Thyroid issues

Weight management

Mental Health




Sleep issues

Conditions Managed

What to expect

As a patient with Nutrition First you will initially complete a simple nutrition questionnaire providing us with information about yourself and your personal health goals.


We generally find it takes at least three consultations to maximise results:

Your initial consultation – one hour*

We will explore your aims and goals,            current diet/lifestyle, past medical history, including familial predispositions, and any previous test results. At the end of your first consultation you will be provided with:


  • A nutrition plan 

  • advice on any nutritional tests that would be of benefit 

  • a supplement programme, as necessary


Your first follow-up – up to one hour

We will review your progress, interpret and explain any test results, update your nutrition and supplement plan and set new goals going forward.


Further follow-up consultations – 30 mins or one hour

These will be arranged as necessary to continue your health journey and monitor your progress so that you feel fully supported for as long as you need.


*Initial couples consultations (for couples trying to conceive) are one and a half hours


During the current Covid-19 pandemic we are fortunate to be able to continue to provide all our services to you via Zoom or telephone.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call below!

Female Patient
What To Expect
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Prices & Packages


We generally find it takes at least three consultations to maximise results. Therefore we offer the Health First Package of three consultations to get you started.


Our Health First 6-month Weight Loss Package ensures you have regular monthly appointments over a period of 6 months to ensure a steady, healthy and sustained weight loss. We are with you every step of the way.


For couples wishing to conceive we offer a longer Initial Couples Consultation of one and a half hours. You can then continue with the Health First Package or individually booked consultations as a couple.


You may also pay for consultations individually if preferred.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call below!

We also offer one-to-one or group cooking tuition in your own home. Please contact us for further information.


1 Hour


Initial Fertility

1.5 Hours



1 Hour



30 Mins


Health First Package

One initial consultation

One follow-up consultation (up to one hour)

One follow-up consultation (up to 30 minutes)

Includes 2 support emails between consultations, as needed

Saving £40.00

Health First 6 Month
Weight Loss Package

One initial consultation

One follow-up consultation (up to one hour)

Four further follow-up consultation
(up to 30 minutes)

Includes 2 support emails between consultations, as needed

Saving £90.00

Health First Fertility Couple Package

One initial 1.5-hour consultation

Two follow-up consultations (up to one hour)

Includes 2 support emails between consultations, as needed

Saving £70.00

Testing & Supplements
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Tests can provide an invaluable resource, both as a tool for the discovery of underlying causes of your symptoms, and, as a monitoring tool to help optimise health.


At Nutrition First, we use a range of tests to help enhance your nutrition programme, including blood, urine, breath, stool, saliva and hair tests. Your nutrition consultant will advise you during your consultation if you require any tests. Please also provide your consultant with any previous test results which you feel are relevant.


Food will always be the mainstay of any nutrition programme and dietary changes are key to the success of your programme. In an ideal world a healthy diet would provide all your nutritional requirements.


However, unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world and the stresses of everyday life, poor health and pollution increase our daily nutrient needs. While over-farming, poor quality soil and mass production methods reduce the nutrient content of our food. Therefore, supplements can provide a boost to bridge this gap particularly during times of poor health when our requirements are greater.


At Nutrition First we will only recommend the very best quality supplements tailored to the needs of each individual.

Book your free 15 minute discovery call below!

Meet Our Team

With years of experience, our registered practitioners at Nutrition First are here to help you.


Dr Sharon Pitt

DipION Dip Nat Chef BPharm(Hons) mBANT CNHC PhD

Sharon is a highly experienced Harley Street nutritionist, having worked with Dr Marilyn Glenville at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic for over 20 years, helping many patients with a wide spectrum of conditions.

Sharon appreciates the importance of listening to her patients’ needs and combines her previous science background with an empathetic and practical approach to nutritional therapy.


In addition to providing one-to-one nutrition consultations and individualised nutrition programmes, Sharon also offers one-to-one or group cooking tuition in your own home, providing advice on food ingredients, cooking and recipes.

Sharon has a particular interest in women’s health, providing an empathetic and practical approach to issues affecting women at all stages of their life. This includes nutrition advice for couples trying to conceive, and support throughout and after pregnancy, as well as nutrition for babies and children.

She graduated from Nottingham University with a first-class honours degree in Pharmacy and a PhD in Neuropharmacology. She later qualified as a nutritionist obtaining a Diploma with Distinction from the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition, and then a Natural Chef Diploma from the College of Naturopathic Medicine.

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Miki Johnson


Miki is qualified in nutritional science and therapy to Master’s level. She finds it  hugely rewarding to work with clients to uncover the root cause of their symptoms and help resolve their health issues.  Miki has been in nutrition and lifestyle medicine for over 10-years and practiced in Harley street, consulting for the Glenville Nutrition Clinic for 5-years.


As a founding member of Nutrition First, Miki’s expertise includes all aspects of female health, she also has a particular interest in gut health, and Long-COVID working in these areas with both men and women.  She absolutely believes our health is dependent on the food and drink we consume, and the lifestyle we lead. 


Understanding compliance is key to achieving results, Miki’s  supportive approach ensures all recommendations are agreed with her clients, so that they are both manageable and affordable.  Miki provides evidence-based tailored nutrition and lifestyle advice, including meal ideas and recipes; testing and supplementing as appropriate.


Helen Ford

DipION BA(Hons) mBant CNHC

The main force behind Helen is a deep desire to help individuals achieve their long-term diet and nutrition goals without faddy, unsustainable diets.


Helen qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from The Institute of Optimum Nutrition in 2000 and has worked at the Glenville Nutrition Clinic for over 17 years, specialising in women’s health. 


She is very passionate about nutrition and the therapeutic power of food to heal and regularly runs cookery workshops to help inspire, motivate and help people feel more confident in the kitchen. Helen’s dream is to write her own cookery book! 


Helen’s areas of interest include all aspects of women’s health including fertility, PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, osteoporosis and menopause. She also loves to optimise digestive function, improve mood and increase energy levels. 


Her ultimate goal is to see patients reach their health ambitions through practical dietary and lifestyle changes.


Sally Milne

Dip IINH BSc Physiol (Hons) mBANT CNHC

Sally has been a practising nutritionist for nearly 20 years and is passionate about the fundamental role diet and nutrition play in long term good health.  She originally trained as a nutritionist in Ireland and was a founding member of the Positive Nutrition clinic in Dublin.  She joined the Glenville Nutrition Clinic, specialising in women’s health and fertility, when she returned to live in the UK in 2014.  


Sally has a strong interest in supporting people to make sustainable healthy diet and lifestyle changes to help improve day to day health and wellbeing from managing stress, balancing hormones, immune support, improving digestion to achieving a healthy weight.  


Her focus is very much on helping to give people the skills, knowledge and confidence to make sustainable healthy changes, providing practical solutions suited to individual circumstances.  For example, empowering women to have a more positive experience through perimenopause and beyond.


She is also a qualified health coach, and joined the team at Nutrition First in 2024.

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Damanjot Kaur Bharij


Damanjot graduated from the College of Naturopathic Medicine as a Nutritional Therapist, and has worked alongside Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD for over 7 years.

Damanjot is very passionate about nutrition and using food as medicine to help lead a healthy and happy life. With a gentle and empathetic approach, Damanjot helps support her clients throughout their journey to reach their desired goals following tailored diet and supplement plans.


She has developed an interest in women’s health and has successfully helped many clients to fine tune their diets and lifestyles to not only reach their goals, but to maintain themselves beyond the consultations.


She enjoys trying new recipes and exercising regularly, so she can lead by example and help guide her patients to the best of her ability. Her goal is to see her clients enjoy the positive lifestyle changes that they have made, and be able to go on and help inspire others too.

Meet Our Team

What our patients say...

“I have been seeing Sharon for six months having been unwell for a long time. Sharon has really helped me learn how to understand my body and how what I eat and my lifestyle,  particularly stress, impacts on my health. I have noticed some substantial positive changes and been impressed with how she has started to unpick the complex nature of my health.  Most of all I have been hugely impressed with Sharon’s wealth of knowledge about the body, nutrition and the importance of supplementing appropriately.  I really value the advice that she gives, especially as I see it working to improve my life. I highly recommend her."


Senior Midwife

“Having increasingly suffered from a bloated feeling in my stomach and heartburn in my early 50’s I was recommended to see Miki.  The initial consultation and follow up was outstanding and the results over the following 12 months were quite simply life changing! I could not recommend Miki and the practice highly enough!”



“Sharon has been such an amazing support with the issues that my 6-year-old daughter has been experiencing with her tummy. 

Always so thorough and informative. Sharon really hears you and listens and you can really feel how caring and passionate she is about her work. 
Sharon explains everything so clearly and goes through all the options of treatments. 

I really felt like my daughter was in the best hands.”


“I totally trust Miki with my health.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and really cares about supporting her clients. She’s persistent in finding the source of any health concerns.    Gives you the facts with clear explanations, in a no nonsense way, so you know what you need to do. Diligent and professional, she’s also pragmatic, recognising that we’re human.  As an added bonus to all of that, she’s an absolute delight to chat with.” 



"I went to see Sharon when traditional routes had failed me in finding a solution to the symptoms I was experiencing. I had been suffering debilitating PMS including extreme fatigue and mood swings for some time. 

Sharon helped me to achieve my goal of getting to the root cause of the problem and identified a hormone imbalance through bespoke diagnostic testing previously unavailable to me.


With her guidance and expertise, I was able to make diet and lifestyle changes and introduce natural supplementation to resolve the issue. After years of suffering, I was finally better and in control, all without medication. I continued to use the knowledge I gained from working with Sharon to help me stay on track including when my husband and I decided to start trying to conceive. I have no doubt that what I learned from Sharon enabled us to conceive quickly, without problems and I have since sought her support in my next goal, a healthy pregnancy. 

Sharon has been part of my journey to understanding my cycle and making it work for me to becoming a mother to be. 

I would recommend Sharon to any women looking for support to navigate their health in a natural and holistic way."


“I first made contact with the clinic after experiencing distressing and debilitating digestive problems for more than 30 years and after trying every diet, remedy and alternative therapy I came across.  So I approached my initial appointment with Miki with a little scepticism but, was quickly reassured by her obvious knowledge and expertise, and particularly encouraged to hear that she recognised my symptoms and believed that they could be overcome. 


Miki's initial hypothesis was backed up by a scientific test and after so many years of struggle, it was such a relief to finally have a firm diagnosis.  Miki has gently encouraged me through a systematic programme of recovery involving dietary changes and supplements, and approached my treatment holistically; taking all aspects of my life into account.  My symptoms are now so minimal and I can sincerely say that the programme has, for me, been life-changing.  I can't thank Miki enough for all her expertise, care and support.”



“I have been a client of Dr Sharon Pitt for some time now, usually consulting over the telephone due to the amount of travel involved but as I was visiting some of my family in Oxford opted to attend her clinic in person this time and put faces to the names.


Sharon is a delight, a very professional approachable person putting you at ease, always listens attentively, considers the options of treatment of my ailments, discussing them with me before we decide on the best natural treatment path to take. 


I find this approach is excellent for me as a client and I have without doubt had the benefit of feeling a lot better, improving as the days and months have gone by since my first consultation with Sharon last year.


The follow up consultation notes, including the way forward plan after each appointment is very helpful too.”


"Miki has been great exploring and then solving my health problems.  After a full discussion of my issues and medical history, she researched, then correctly identified my real health problem. My medical specialist consultant described her work as 'impressive' - I put this down to her knowledge coupled with her thorough and professional approach. Miki provided much needed advice and guidance through a difficult period, and I was able to return to a normal life in a relatively short timeframe."



“Helen Ford has been my Nutritionist for the last 10 years and has always been so supportive and nurturing. She has a real passion for eating well and has always given me recipe inspiration! She is such a lovely lady and I would highly recommend her.”


“Working with Helen has made such a difference to my health and wellbeing. Her straightforward, accessible approach has helped me improve my sleep, blood sugar, digestion and post-menopausal health. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”


“Hi Helen, we were due to start IVF very shortly as we had just signed the consent forms when I found out I was pregnant! After almost 4 years of trying, I can only put down to the changes we made to our lifestyle and eating habits along with multivitamins you advised us to take. Once again, thank you.”


“I really enjoyed Helen’s nutritional cookery session. It was so nice to see somebody natural and relaxed rather than the usual formal style of some cooking sessions. It made me feel as if I was sitting her kitchen sharing the evening.“ 



Book a Call

Taking the first step on your journey to health is often the hardest. We are here to make that journey easier by listening, understanding and offering solutions.


Talk to us at Nutrition First to see how we can help you. We offer you complimentary Discovery Call of 15 minutes.

During your call:

  • We listen

  • We ask the right questions

  • We give you options

Thank you, our team will be in touch.

We also offer one-to-one or group cooking tuition in your own home. Please contact us for further information.

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